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What is Thinkzoom Direct Assignment?

Sometimes, while administering a group on Thinkzoom, you may run into a conflict of having a user that needs to retake a course they've already taken in another group for different reasons. As you know, once a user completes a course on Thinkzoom, that completion follows the user for the life of their account. So, in this situation, even with giving the new course a Course Requirement, the course will be presented as Completed to the user and in campus reporting.

To override this, you can utilize the Direct Assignment feature we offer, which will give you the ability to directly assign a course to a user.


Using Thinkzoom Direct Assignment

To direct assign a course to a user, all you need to do is have the admin privilege "Manage Users" on for your account.

This will give you the Members section on your navigation tools:


From here, click the pencil icon for the user you wish to assign to.


Next, click Courses to go into the Course sub-section of their account:


In the Search Course field, look the course that you wish to direct assign to this user:


Once you select the right course, you will then need to decide if you want this course to just be required, without a due date, or to make it due with a due date. You cannot use Direct Assignment to impose a Reoccurring or Date Range-based individual requirement.


Once you have finalized on the requirement type, click Create Requirement and your user will now see the course change over from a green checkmark icon to the blue exclamation icon indicating a required course on Thinkzoom.


If you have any additional questions about this, do not hesitate to reach out via our support portal:


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