Using Webhooks on Thinkzoom


We are pleased to announce a new feature for Campus Admins on Thinkzoom: Webhooks.


A Webhook is a way for an application to send data to other applications in real time. This means you can receive results of certain actions that have taken place on your campus the moment that they occur. 


Setting up a Thinkzoom Webhook

To utilize webhooks, head to the Campus Settings of your Admin menu navigation, and then select the sub-menu furthest to the right, Webhooks:


Hit the blue Manage Webhooks button to be taken to the Webhooks configuration area:



The one piece of information you will be required to provide is the Webhook URL, also known as the Webhook Endpoint. You will need to consult with your provider service on how to create an Endpoint correctly for your purposes. Once it is created, copy and paste it into the URL Field.

Your next and last step is to decide on what event types you would like to be reported on by the webhook. On Thinkzoom, we offer you the following events:

  • when a campus member Starts a Video
  • when a campus member Completes a Video
  • when a campus member Fails an Exam
  • when a campus member Passes an Exam
  • When a User Import File is successfully imported into the campus.

Once the webhook is configured to your liking, click on the orange Create button. Your Webhook is now live and will begin to report activity to the endpoint you created.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to create and submit a ticket.




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