Using Thinkzoom Bot in Slack


Now that you have the Thinkzoom Bot installed in the Application section of Slack, it's time to see just what the bot can do.

To begin, go into Slack, head to the Direct Message section, and select a new DM Session with Thinkzoom:


From here, send Thinkzoom bot a salutation of "Hi" or "Hello" to formally get a conversation going:


Now that you are talking to Thinkzoom, the first thing to do is to find out all the things the Bot can do for you. That is done by telling Thinkzoom, "Help". 


The bot will also suggest the "Help" command if you enter a question or command it doesn't understand:





Now that we know the three additional commands we can issue to the bot, let's look at them individually.

Search Thinkzoom for courses matching "query"

This command is very helpful to quick search the contents of your Thinkzoom campus for a specific topic. For example, let's see what Thinkzoom has on the topic of Ethics.


The structure of your dialog simply needs to read as "Search for (blank)". You'll want to keep the search topic as simple and broad as possible to avoid missing results you want, like this:


Once you have found the course you are interested in, click on its title and the course will load up into your campus:



View Requirements

If you wish to take a quick look at what's coming up for you on your campus, simply ask the bot to View Requirements. Screen_Shot_2020-10-30_at_9.40.32_AM.png

From here, you'll be given all currently required courses on your campus, along with a due date or past due date for the course, if applicable. 


View Fortifies (4tifys)

Lastly, just like viewing your current Required courses, you can also view any courses that currently have an outstanding Thinkzoom 4tify for you to take, whether it's a 2 Day, 2 Week, 2 month, or 4 month 4tify:



Errors using the Bot

Should you encounter an error while using the Bot, please take note of the following:

1. The Thinkzoom user
2. Roughly when the error happened
3. What they typed to get the error
4. How the bot responded when they received the error.

With this information, please reach out to support and we'll do our best to establish the cause of your error.


Additionally, if you have any general questions about Thinkzoom Bot, please feel free to open a ticket at the Help Desk:



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