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While managing rosters on Thinkzoom, you may come to a place where you'd like to use a CSV to not only import and add new users to your roster, but to also assign/remove them to/from certain groups or grant/revoke them certain platform privileges based on extended attributes upon import. Thanks to the power of If-This-Then-That logic statements, you can do that all at the same time with just one import file. 



To start using Import rules on Thinkzoom, first go into Campus Settings in your Admin option, and then select Import Settings.


You want the option on the right for Import Rules. Click the blue button marked Manage Import Rules. If this is your first time making rules, you'll need to click the green Add Import Rule button to bring up the first rule entry point:Screen_Shot_2020-03-27_at_9.34.47_AM.png

As you see in the screenshot, you'll be required to manage 5 different data points per rule. The first data attribute can be any attribute you normally use: Group, Parent Email, or any custom extended attribute you have for your campus.


The second point is whether this attribute IS, IS NOT, or CONTAINS the third data point. In the flow of If-This-Then-That, this is our "THIS" side of the equation. 

The "THEN" section is the result of the "THIS" being either true or false and then doing something based on that result.  


Import Rules can be used on your campus to do the following: add users to groups, remove users from groups, add privileges to users, and remove privileges from users. The privileges are another name for individual admin rights:


For an example, let's say you have a group in your campus for Compliance training. You want to import new members into the group on their initial import. You would make a standard import file, but before closing the file, you make a new final row on the right with a header called "Compliance". You populate this row with "YES" and "NO" for each user depending on whether or not they are supposed to be there. You then go into your import rules section and make the following rule:


Now, when you save and import this file, not only will new users get their Confirmation Email sent to their email (if you have provided one), they will also be automatically be added to the "Compliance" group you have on your campus. 

If you have any additional questions about Import Rules, please feel free to reach out to Support.

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