Creating and Managing Tracks


Welcome to our tutorial on how to create and manage Tracks in Thinkzoom. 

To start, click on Tracks from the main menu and then select the + Create a Track to prompt this pop-up field. Name your Track, provide a brief description, and check the Published box. Once you’re satisfied, click the orange Create Track button.


The screen will refresh to your new Track page. Now it’s time to add courses and users to this Track. Let’s start with adding courses. To do so, click Admin and select Manage Courses from the drop-down menu.


This will direct you to a new page where you’ll need to use the search field to find and select every course you want for the Track. After you’re finished choosing courses, you’ll be able to rearrange the course order using the blue up/down arrows to the right of each course. If you want to remove a course, click the red trash bin icon.


Now that we’ve added courses, it’s time to enroll users. To do so, return to your newly created Track, click Adminand select Manage Members from the drop-down menu. This prompts a pop-up where you’ll enter in users using the search field.


All additions and changes will save in real time. If you want to remove a user, click the red trash bin icon directly to the right of their username. Note, you also have the option to rearrange the order of the users by their progress, username, or their last name.

As an administrator, you’ll have the option of being able to generate reports from this Track as your users engage. To do so, click the Admin button, select Generate Report and you’ll be redirected to the Reports page to customize whichever metrics you’re after:


If you need further assistance on this topic, feel free to contact our support team anytime between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday, or if you prefer emails to phones, submit a support ticket.



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