Exporting Users from Thinkzoom


This tutorial will cover how to export users from Thinkzoom. To do so, click on Members from the main menu and select View all from the drop-down option.

From the Members dashboard, click on the Export Members button.


Your request will then be queued for processing. To find your request, you have a couple of options. For one, you’ll be notified via email when your request is complete and ready to download. Secondly, you can click on Reports, and then hit View Reports to find your export request either processing or ready to download.


When it’s ready, click the blue icon to the far right of the report that says Download to receive your report.

Open up the file to see every user, including their username, last login, any parent email, group, whether or not they’re active users, and any other attribute fields you created (e.g., department, job title, etc.).

If you need further assistance on this topic, feel free to contact our support team anytime between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday, or if you prefer emails to phones, submit a support ticket.

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