Creating Custom Reports


This tutorial will show you how to create custom reports in Thinkzoom.

Click on Reports from the main menu and select Create a Report from the drop-down options. Now that you’re on the Reports page you will need to decide how you want to report.

Here’s a breakdown of your choices with each step.

Step 1: Decide on Users


Clicking the drop-down menu will open up five different options of reporting on a user:

  • All users: This will pull in data on every user. Choosing this will automatically move you onto the next step.
  • All users where: This will pull in user data based on certain attributes such as department, job title, etc. Whichever you select will open up another search field for you to enter in the desired attribute.
  • Specific users: This pulls in data on specific users.
  • Users in specific groups: This pulls data for users in a certain Group.
  • Users in specific tracks: This pulls data for users enrolled in a certain Track.

Step 2: Decide on Data


Now that you have your desired users, it's time to decide on what data you want to report on.

Here are your choices:

  • All courses
  • Specific courses
  • All courses in groups
  • All courses in tracks
  • All courses in topics
  • CEU courses only
  • Their points (user data from The Quad)
  • Their badges (learning achievements)

Step 3: Decide on Metrics or Requirements

Now you need to decide what metrics or requirements you want. 

(Please note, if you chose Their points or Their badges from Step 2, this step will not be available since it’s mostly concerned with courses.)


Here are the options available if you choose These metrics:

  • Completed videos and all exams
  • Exams only
  • Exams only with highest score
  • Course starts
  • Course completions
  • Active users only
  • No classroom courses

Here are the options available if you choose These requirements:

  • All requirements
  • Required & completed
  • Required & past due
  • Required & not completed

Step 4: Decide on Date Range or Scheduled Reports

If you want to report on a specific date range, choose the date range or choose Custom Range to set your own.


If you wish to schedule a recurring report, you have the following date ranges to choose from:

  • Schedule daily
  • Schedule weekly
  • Schedule monthly

Step 5: Name Your Report

Give your report a name and hit Save to start processing the report. You will be redirected to the Reports dashboard to see your custom report is currently processing.


You'll receive an email notification when your report is done processing. You can also return to the Reports dashboard once it’s complete to either preview the report, download the Excel file, or delete it.

If you need further assistance on this topic, feel free to contact our support team anytime between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday, or if you prefer emails to phones, submit a support ticket.





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