Customizing the Confirmation Email


This tutorial will cover how to customize the “welcome email” that new users receive after being added to your company’s Thinkzoom account.

For starters, the default email will come from Thinkzoom Support with a subject line that reads, “Welcome to Your Thinkzoom Account.” The body of the email can be customized to have it say whatever you’d like it to be, although two things will be required in the email:

  • The “confirm your account” link
  • Thinkzoom login URL


To customize the email, click Administration from the main menu and then click on Campus Settings. From there, click the tab that reads, New User Email.


This will be your outline for the email. You can customize the subject line to include your company name somewhere in the text. But the meat of the customization will be in the body section. To get a sense of what sort of generic welcome text you can use, click on the blue Show Sample Text, then copy and paste all the text below Sample welcome text into the body section.


Notice all of the text with double brackets around it? That is generic web coding that you’ll need to preserve the confirmation email link, the new user’s first name, and the Thinkzoom login URL.

Everything else around it can be customized to your liking. If you’d like further instructions on other web code to add to the email, be sure to click Show Instructions and a list of available web codes will be displayed.

You also have a basic set of editing tools in case you want to link to other resources, use bullet points or add headers to the email. Once you’ve completed the customization, click the orange Update Account button to save your changes.

If you need further assistance on this topic, feel free to contact our support team anytime between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday, or if you prefer emails to phones, submit a support ticket.

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