Deactivating Users Using an Import File


This tutorial will walk you through how to deactivate users using an import file. To get started, click on Members from the main menu and select View all from the drop-down option.

This will take you to your main Members page. Now, there’s one of two ways to add these soon-to-be deactivated members to your import file.

Use the Search Field

When you're on the main Members page, you can use the search field to look for the user(s) and copy and paste their email addresses into your Excel file.

You do not need to worry about adding in other details like the users first or last name, parent email, etc. The only two columns you’ll need information in are the Username and the Active columns. To make sure these users are deactivated, put a “0” in their Active column.

Once you’re satisfied, save the .CSV file, return to the Members page and click on Import Members and upload your saved file into Thinkzoom.

Export Members & Clean List

You can also do a bulk export using the Export Members button from the Members page as well. Click it to begin processing the report. You will receive a notification when your report is ready, or you can visit the Reports page to download finished reports there as well.

Open up the Excel file and begin editing. Like the first option, all you need to worry about is that the Username and Active fields have the necessary details, with users you want to deactivate having a “0” in their Active column. 

Once you're satisfied, save the Excel file, return to the main Members page and click on Import Members to upload the saved file.

If you need further assistance on this topic, feel free to contact our support team anytime between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday thru Friday, or if you prefer emails to phones, submit a support ticket.



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