Restricting Courses to a Group


If you have courses that you only want certain people in a Group to see on Thinkzoom, you can restrict the course to only show up in that Group. This tutorial will show you how.

To start, find the course you want to restrict to a Group. For this tutorial, let’s use this course from ej4’s Diversity series.

Click on the orange pencil icon underneath the video player to edit the course. From here click on the fourth option called, Associations. Locate the checkbox underneath the Groups field that says, Restrict to Group.

By default, this will always be unchecked, but since this tutorial is about restricting the course, check the box and move to the last step to click Update Course. You’ll be redirected back to the course page. To test out whether the course is restricted, search for it in the search bar up top. If you’re not a member of the Group it’s restricted to, you will not see it show up.

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