Thinkzoom Privilege Definitions


Create Content gives users the access to the Add Content section to upload files and use the Thinkzoom recorder.


Edit Content allows users to edit the existing courses on Thinkzoom to modify the course information, course content, exam, and what groups the course is in.


Publish Content allows a course to be accessible to all users on Thinkzoom.  You can give users the ability to create content but not to publish the content, if you would prefer to review the course before it is available to all the users on your Thinkzoom campus.


Account Management gives users the Settings button on the left hand navigation.  Users can customize the look of Thinkzoom by changing the logo, customizing the welcome message on the dashboard, and adjust global settings on Thinkzoom like if a user has to watch the video before the user can access the course's exam.


Comment Moderation will show the Comment Admin section on the user's navigation pane.  The user can see what comments are being made on the Thinkzoom campus for any group and any course.  Users with this privilege can access the comment directly through comment admin and respond to the comment, edit the user's comment or remove the comment.  This function is unnecessary if comments are disabled, which can be done in the Settings section.


Manage Users allows a user to add, remove, and edit profiles and privileges of all of the members on Thinkzoom.


Reporting on all users lets the user run reports to see everyone’s usage on Thinkzoom.


Reporting on child users will give reporting capabilities on only the user's designated children.  Children can be modified in the user's profile or through the import file.  Both Reporting privileges will also include a Scheduled Task button on the navigation pane to allow users to schedule reports every day, week, or month.


Create Groups lets a user create their own group, assign courses to their group and add users the group. However, this function also gives the user the ability to modify a group they are in for their own training.


Add Activity gives the user the ability to track group training which will show up in the usage reports.


Manage Tracks allows a user to add, remove, and edit Tracks for all of the members on a Thinkzoom Campus.


Training Coordination allows a user to manage Classroom courses, which includes the ability to perform attendance and schedule classes. 

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